Registering Your Car in Fort Collins

Registering Your Car in Fort Collins

Colorado gives new residents a 90-day grace period after they move into the state to register their vehicle and place Colorado license plates on their vehicles. A $25 per month late fee is assessed when registering your car in Fort Collins after the grace period closes.

Registration for newly purchased or vehicles transferred from out of state is required in person at the Larimer County Clerk Office (200 W. Oak Street). All out-of-state transfers need to provide several forms of documentation:

  • Title: You must present the title (or a copy of the title if the title is held by your bank)
  • DR2968 Verification: A law enforcement officer must verify the VIN listed on your title matches the one on your vehicle. VIN verification services are available from the Larimer County Sheriff, Fort Collins Police Department and the Colorado State University Police Department. Print out and bring a copy of the DR2968 to your appointment. VIN verifications are also available at emissions testing facilities.
  • Proof of Insurance: You must present proof of valid Colorado insurance from your provider.
  • Proof of an emissions test may also be required

Fort Collins Emissions Testing

Emissions tests are required for all vehicles registered in Larimer County for the first time. Exemptions are granted to vehicles newer than seven years old. Enviortest operates emissions test facilities statewide, which are open 8 a.m.-5:30 p.m. weekdays and 8 a.m.-1 p.m. Saturdays.

Emissions tests cost $25 for vehicles 1982 and newer, $15 for older vehicles. Hybrid vehicles only require a test every eight years, and all-electric vehicles are exempt from emissions testing altogether.

Registering Your Car in Fort Collins

Registration must be updated annually for all cars in Colorado. The Colorado Department of Revenue will mail a postcard with a renewal reminder before your current plates expire. Renewal can be performed through the mail if completed by the end of the calendar month following your current registration’s expiration.